Top Reasons to visit Martinique in 2017

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Watch this video and you’ll know why you must come to visit Martinique!


In the heart of the Caribbean archipelago, Martinique is part of the « Lesser Antilles » or « Islands in the wind ». Its shores are bathed in the West by the Caribbean Sea and to the East by the Atlantic Ocean. Its neighbors are close: Saint Lucia less than 40 kilometers to the south and Dominica just 25 kilometers to the north, close enough for you to see it in good weather.

Martinique is 80 kilometers long from north to south and thirty-nine kilometers in its widest width. Its highest point, the famous Mount Pelee, rises to 1397 meters in the northern part of the island. The center of Martinique is mainly composed of the plain of Lamentin and leads to the South of the island made of reliefs softer and marked by numerous handles and wide bays.

The Martinique climate is that of the « eternal summer », with an average annual temperature of 26 ° C. Throughout the year, the trade winds, regular winds blowing from the Atlantic, pleasantly refresh the atmosphere.
A little less than four hundred thousand inhabitants compose a plural and mixed society. This diversity is an illustration of the history of the island, its interbreeding and its successive occupants: Caribbean Indians, Europeans, Africans, Indians, Middle Eastern and Asian. Everywhere you will be able to speak French, the official language, but also to hear Martinique speak Creole, a mixture of old French, English, African dialects and some Amerindian terms.

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